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Gsm Services


Field and montage survey preparation
GSM Base station installation, operation, malfunction and maintenance services
Climatization and energy supply solutions for GSM Base stations
Electrical Power project,undertaking and subscription works
Electrical payment follow up
LOS preparation
Transformer system maintenance and operation
Indoor and outdoor BTS instalation
Tests and commissioning
New site, Site replacement, revision
Repeater systems installation, operation, malfunction and maintenance services
Fiber optics installation services
TN, minilink, HDSL, DXX Transmission systems installation and tests
Helpdesk services 7/24
Generator support 7/24
GSM mobile test laboratory




Clean Energy Application fields
Communication stations,rural fm,rad,o and telephone systems
Cathodic protection of oil pipe lines
Corrosional protection of metal structures(bridges, towers,etc)
Energy production for telemetric measurement stations for electricity and water distribution systems and weather forecast stations
Energy production for indoor or outdoor building illumination systems
Energy production fort he devices that resides in buldings in rural areas which are far away from power lines
Energy production for aggricultural irrigation or water pumping for home-use
Forest observation towers
First aid,alarm and security systems
Earthquake and weather forecast stations


Fiber Optic

Field and montage survey preparation
Optic line installation, supervision and foundation works
Fiber optics malfunction solutions
FTTx Switch installation, operation and maintenance works
POP center installation,testing and commissioning works
WDM installation,testing and commissioning works
As Built documents preperation


Tower Services

Field and montage survey preparation
Tower foundation and installation works
After installation and maintenance works








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