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Denba Telecommunication has been founded at 1983 in Istanbul by Bahadır Yanıkomeroglu being a new player in the sector with insufficient resources with the aim of giving uninterrupted and high quality service.

DenbaTelecom started its business cooperation with Stabo and Storno. From the beginning of its foundation, Denba has been well known with its cooperations,the solutions it has produced,the ability of its employees and the laboratory equipments it has owned.

In the following years it has become the distributor and after sales service provider of the American companies ;professional radio systems producer Cetelco and NMT mobile phones.

The success it has established in the installation and after sales services of Storno radio systems has let its cooperation with the powerful American communications company Motorola after Motorola has bought Storno. The company has increased the number of the installations it has established with the copperation of the English company Simoco. With these installations these companies had their uninterrupted communication Networks within the country. The company has become stronger with its high quality after sales services.

As an era has been changed with the entering into action of GSM systems in Turkey, the company has begun cooperation with Ericsson in the field of after sales services. It has given service and technical information to the country-wide GSM users via its laboratories. In the following years it has also given after sales services for Philips, Sagem and Maxon companies.

The company has increased its experience in the field of wireless communication via the cooperation it has established with the Denmark company KIRK which produces professional DECT products. This copperation has given a new view to the corporate solutions.

Since 2000 it has begun cooperation with the biggest GSM service provider of the country. Agreement in the Maintenance and Solution Providence covering 6 cities has been established. 365 days 24 hour malfunction,maintenance and optimisation services of GSM base stations are implemented by the company which has its base in Antalya.

Cooperation with Ericsson still continues in the field of installation of new GSM Basestations.

Denba Telecom continues its clean energy studies and has been one of the leading companies in the country who has established most of the set up power system installations at the moment

Denba Telecom has ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System certificate since 2003; ISO 14001-2004 Environmental Management System , OHSAS 18001-2007 Employee Health and Safety Management System and ISO27001-2005 Information Safety and Management System Certificates since 2009.

Denba Telecom has the certificate which has been given by the official instution BTK for the measurement of the electromagnetic field power of the communication devices operating in the 10 KHz-60GHz band. And also the partner company Volden is giving service for radio systems in 4 cities.








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