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Denba GSM Photo Gallery






Denba Solar Photos


7,2 kW

Bursa, Karacabey

11,2 kW


5,5 kW


9,8 kW





Denizli Muğla Yolu

7,2 kW

Finike, Kapıçayı, Hop

1 kW

Serik Akbaş

9,8 kW


16 kW



İzmir Özdere

41,6 kW

İzmir Özdere

41,6 kW



Photos From Us

GSM Field Maintenance

Uninterrupted Service

Antalya Helpdesk

Antalya Base Building

Energy and Maintenance Responsibles

Our Acquisition Service

Tower/Maintenance Department

Accounting Department

Our Heroes of the Field

The Superonline Department

Transmission Department

Konya Office on Workshop

Konya Superonline Department


Denba Family Center Office Personnel on the 28th Anniversary Dinner




Our maintenance Services


GSM Terminal Center Service

GSM Terminal Center Service

Radio Systems Maintenance Service



We are together in the after hours

Terrace dining room Happy Faces Executives in Charge Enjoy your meal

Enjoy your meal With the wish of a better program Enjoy your meal Always together

Ladies on the gren field Helpdesk Team The best will be the winner PS masters


Our Antalya Central Office








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